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Mobile server-side API integrations

DoubleClick for Publishers has a simple API to enable mobile publishers to work with ad networks and rich media vendors. Any third-party mobile ad network or rich media vendor can implement this API, allowing mobile publishers greater flexibility in choosing partners.

There are several advantages of using this API to get ads from an ad network or rich media vendor:

  • Accurate impression counts: The API allows a “no ad available” message to be returned to DFP. This results in accurate impression counts and lower DFP serving costs.
  • Click reporting in DFP: The API includes instructions on how to ensure that clicks are recorded in DFP. This means that both click and impression reporting will be available in DFP.
  • Lower latency: When using the API, DFP fetches an ad from the ad network or rich media vendor directly (server to server). This is considerably faster than having DFP return a tag to the mobile device, and then having the mobile device call out to another ad server.

DFP will pass on the third-party ad code unaltered. This means that the ad network or rich media vendor is responsible for the ad rendering and for ensuring that clicks are tracked in DFP.

See a list of partners that have implemented this API

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