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DFP Programmatic automates negotiation and sales of your inventory

DFP Programmatic automates negotiation and sales of your inventory. You can negotiate terms of campaigns and finalize details by sending a proposal to a buyer from DFP. The buyers can then accept terms or suggest changes. Once accepted, DFP automatically sets up the campaign for delivery and manages billing and payment. 

Managing the entire process in a single system simplifies sales and reduces the potential for human error. As all billing and payments are handled by DFP automatically, DFP Programmatic also avoids possible discrepancies and lowers overhead in managing reconciliation.

DFP Programmatic allows you to manage both Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns and Preferred Deal (non-guaranteed) campaigns. Learn more.

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Set up DFP Programmatic

To set up DFP programmatic, a DFP administrator needs to: 

Once enabled and configured, DFP Programmatic contains features that allows sales people to:

  • Start negotiation and finalize campaign details with buyers
  • Secure buyer agreement and push campaigns to delivery
  • Renegotiate details of previously negotiated campaigns

Guidelines for programmatic campaigns

DFP Programmatic features are available to all DFP publishers with a mapped Ad Exchanged account. The following restrictions apply to programmatic campaigns:

Category Restriction
Line item settings
  • Line item and rate types
    Standard CPM, Sponsorship CPD
    CPC, vCPM, CPA, Sponsorships CPM
  • Inventory sizes
    All other (including video master/companion)
     Display master/companion roadblock
  • Creative rotation
    No creative rotation of any kind
  • Mobile apps
    Only the GMA SDK (no others)
  • Video
    Only the IMA SDK (no others, including SDK-less)
          Learn more
  • Mobile web
     Interstitials (out-of-page, 1x1)
  • Ad Exchange monetization
    Ad Exchange for Games
Creative formats
  •  Interstitial app (including rewarded) ads
  •  Standard Native ads  
  • Custom Native ads
  • Out-of-page, wallpaper, and expandable creatives 
  • DFP creative wrappers and templates and creative macros
  • TrueView video ads
  • Video overlay ads
  • Video ads in GMA SDK formats for mobile apps

Learn more about creatives for DFP Programmatic

Creative reporting
  • All other creative reporting
  • Master/companion reporting (see below)
Creative content policy
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