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Mobile SDK mediation

This is a legacy version of the Mediation feature.
We recommend that you use the newer version of Mediation for mobile apps instead.

Mobile SDK mediation allows you to send impressions from mobile apps to ad networks via an ad network's' own SDK.

The SDK mediation creative type in DFP allows publishers to specify an ordered list of ad networks to call. For each impression, the ad request goes to the ad networks in the specified order. If the current network times out or doesn't return an impression because of an error or an impression cannot be found, then the request moves on to the next network. This continues until the impression is filled, or the last network in the mediation chain is reached.

In-app creative formats - SDK Mediation (4:45)

SDK mediation in DFP involves the following steps:

  1. Read the list of supported ad networks for SDK mediation.
    Make sure that the ad network you want to work with is supported. If not, see the note below.
  2. If the ad network is supported, have your developer team integrate the following into your app:
  3. In DFP, create one or more line items with the “SDK mediation” creative type.
If you don’t find the ad network you want to mediate with in the list of certified networks, you can use custom events. The Google Mobile Ads SDK includes a handler for custom events, so you can integrate non-certified ad networks by entering the Adapter Class Name in the DFP SDK Mediation Creative. You can also introduce callouts to other services, or trigger other behavior in your app as part of the mediation chain. Learn more in the developer documentation on custom events for Android and iOS.


How is location data handled with mediation?

If the publisher app passes location data to Google Mobile Ads SDK, it gets passed to the mediated ad network as well unless passing location is blocked in the SDK Mediation creative.

Are advertising IDs passed to the ad network?

Advertising IDs (IDFA/AdID) are not passed by Google’s Mobile ads SDK to the mediated ad network. The network’s SDK can collect this information and use it according to their policies.

How is the COPPA flag handled?

If publishers mark their ad requests to be treated as child-directed to facilitate compliance with COPPA, it gets passed to the mediated network as well. Learn more about child-directed settings for Android and iOS.

What reporting metrics do I get for SDK mediation?

You can see SDK Mediation impression and click metrics in the Query Tool. Click here for more details on reporting for apps.

Can I mediate from other ad networks to DFP?

It’s possible to integrate DFP into third-party mediation solutions, as long as the third party invokes the DFP request using the Google Mobile Ads SDK. Please consult with your Google technical account manager and third-party support for more details.

Can I passback to Google?

Depending on your setup, it might be possible to passback to AdX, AdMob or DFP. Please talk to your Technical Account Manager for more details.

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