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Mediation reporting Deprecated

We made some changes to mediation for mobile apps reporting on May 8, 2017. Learn more
These dimensions and metrics are deprecated
Each of the mediation group dimensions and metrics have been replaced by yield group reporting.

Mediation dimensions Deprecated

  • Mediation group
    Name of the group of ad networks targeted to compete in mediation for publisher inventory.
  • Mediation network
    Name of the ad network defined in the DFP company in a mediation group.
  • Mediation network tag
    Name of a network in a mediation group, including the mediation group name and "AdGroupId" value. For example, "MyMediationGroup-MyMediationCompany ID: 123456789".
  • Mediation type
    Type of mediation request, as defined for each network in a mediation group. For example, "Mobile app".
Use the "creative size" dimension with Mediation dimensions and metrics to report on ad formats separately.

Mediation metrics Deprecated

  • Served requests
    Total requests where a Mediation list was served, even if none of the ad networks delivered an impression.
  • Impressions
    Total impressions recorded by DFP. An impression is recorded when an ad network in a returned mediation list renders their ad.
  • Estimated revenue
    Total revenue earned from Mediation, based on estimated CPMs and impressions delivered.

    Estimated CPM * Impressions / 1000

  • Estimated CPM
    The CPM utilized by DFP when positioning ad networks in Mediation. For Ad Exchange, this is the real-time CPM delivered by Ad Exchange. For third-party ad networks there are two possible sources:
    • If automatic data collection is enabled, this is a combination of the default CPM and the average CPM collected by DFP from the ad network reports, adjusted for impression discrepancies with DFP recorded impressions.
    • Otherwise, this is the default CPM inserted in the ad network tag.
  • Fill rate
    • For Ad Exchange: Ad Exchange ad impressions / Ad Exchange ad requests
    • For other ad networks: Mediation impressions / (Mediation impressions + Mediation passbacks)
  • Passbacks
    Passbacks are counted when an ad network is given a chance to serve but does not deliver an impression, and DFP Mediation moves on to the next ad network in the Mediation list. A passback is counted only if an impression is recorded for another ad network down the list.
    Since Ad Exchange is not added to a Mediation list unless it has an ad to serve (and therefore never "passes back" a Mediation request), reported passbacks is always 0 for Ad Exchange. 
  • Third-party eCPM
    Revenue per thousand impressions based on data collected by DFP from third-party ad network reports. Displays zero if data collection is not enabled.

    (Third-party earnings / Third-party impressions) * 1000

    This metric total is 0 for Ad Exchange since third-party data collection does not apply to Ad Exchange.
Recent changes that affect Mediation reporting
  • As of November 14, 2016, metrics under the "Total" group include mediated third-party ad network numbers.
  • As of March 15, 2017, all requests sent to Ad Exchange in Mediation for mobile apps are considered in Ad Exchange metrics, instead of only requests filled by Ad Exchange. An increase in Ad Exchange ad request totals might result in lower coverage rates.
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