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App downloads activity isn’t counting downloads

App downloads track conversions where the user has downloaded an app and launched it for the first time. The conversion occurs when the user first launches the application.

If you’re using the Application Downloads activity counter, and you’re not seeing downloads register, verify the following:

  • Have you provided the correct code snippet to your advertisers?
    A separate code snippet should be generated in the Activities section of the DFP UI for both Android and iOS. This code snippet will contain the necessary activity ID.
  • Has your advertiser incorporated the Conversion Tracking SDK?
    Be sure your advertiser has followed all of the necessary steps to incorporate the SDK into their mobile application. The process is different for Android and iOS. To test that the developer has correctly integrated the SDK, the developer should carry out a test conversion event that you’ve defined and confirm an HTTP 200 response code successfully reported:
    I/GoogleConversionReporter( 1557): Pinging: [...]
    I/GoogleConversionReporter( 1557): Ping responded with response code 200
  • Have you confirmed that your advertiser’s ads are displaying within your mobile app?
    Note that this feature only works with in-app ads. Conversions will not be counted if the ad is only viewed on the web (desktop or mobile web) and the app is subsequently downloaded.
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