Unlink proposal line items from products

Learn about what happens when proposal line items are unlinked from their products

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When you create products, you can designate what can be customized by sales representatives using the product to create proposal line items. These products restrictions apply to any proposal line item resulting from it.

For example, if you indicate that only Geography targeting can be customized in a product, sales representatives can only modify this targeting in resulting proposal line items. This allows your organization to enforce how proposal line items can be modified during the negotiation process.

There may be cases, however, when the original restrictions imposed by the product cause undesired results. For instance, a sales representative might have gone through long negotiations with an advertiser and might be near closing a deal—but the advertiser asks for certain targeting which the original product does not allow the sales representative to modify. Rather than look for a another product and create another proposal line item, which satisfies the advertiser's needs, the sales representative can request to remove the restriction in order to close the deal.

In these cases, as a DFP administrator, you can choose to lift these restrictions and unlink the proposal line item from the product. Unlinking allows the sales representative to modify targeting and delivery options as well as inventory sizes.

Targeting and delivery options can be set as customizable via product templates. Unlinking has the same result as designating all targeting and delivery options as configurable: sales representatives can freely add or remove targeting and set delivery options in any way.

When designating inventory sizes as customizable in a product template, sales representative can only remove sizes from those originally included in the product template. They cannot add new sizes. When unlinking a proposal line item from its product, size becomes fully configurable by sales representatives. They can add new sizes and remove all existing sizes.

In this article, we'll cover the following:

What can be modified after unlinking

The following fields and settings become fully modifiable after unlinking a proposal line item from its product:

  • Priority (number)

    Priority might already be editable (both in proposal line items and delivery line items) if certain features are enabled in your DFP network. Unlinking a proposal line item from its product allows sales representative to modify priority number even in networks that do not have this feature enabled.

  • Inventory sizes

    Sizes themselves become modifiable. However, size type (Standard, Master/companions roadblock, Video VAST) remains intact and cannot be modified.

  • Deliver impressions
  • Rotate creatives
  • Display creatives
  • Display companions
  • Day and time
  • Frequency caps
  • All targeting options

The following remain intact and cannot be modified even after unlinking proposal line items from their products:

  • Product type
  • Line item type
  • Rate type
  • Size type (Standard, Master/companions roadblock, Video VAST)

You can learn more about how product, line item, and rate type intersect in Rate type matrix.

How to unlink

Unlinking a proposal line item from its product can be accomplished from the proposal.

Important to know about unlinking proposal line items

There are a few things you should keep in mind before unlinking a proposal line item from its product:

  • Proposal line items cannot be relinked to their products. Once you've unlinked a proposal line item from its product, it's permanent.
  • Sales representatives can copy unlinked proposal line items in their proposal. This means that any number of unrestricted proposal line items can be copied and modified within a proposal.
  • Business rules (validation and workflow rules) continue to apply to unlinked proposal line items.
  • Business rules cannot be formed that apply only to unlinked proposal line items.
  • Premium charges continue to apply to unlinked proposal line items.
  1. Navigate to the proposal that contains the proposal line item you want to unlink.

    Click the Sales tab and then My proposals or All proposals on the left navigation panel. Find the desired proposal and click on its name.

  2. Make sure the proposal has a status of "Draft".
  3. Under the Line items tab, select the proposal line item you want to unlink.
  4. From the Actions menu (just above the list of proposal line items and below the "Line items" tab), select Unlink.
  5. Click Save on the proposal.
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