Simplified partner management

We’re streamlining DFP partner management in our ongoing efforts to improve usability and workflow.

On January 25, 2016, we introduced a simplified way to manage your revenue share relationships. Simplified partner management allows you to indicate a simple percentage revenue share for each of your partners right on their details page. This replaces the separately managed financial terms. The partner portal, which previously provided access to reporting data for partners, has also been removed. Instead, DFP host networks now need to share reports with partners directly. Finally, we transitioned to a new, simpler set of partner dimensions and metrics in the reporting interface and in the DFP API.

Simplified partner management will eventually be replaced by an all-new partner management system, which will be available in beta soon.

See and update revenue share

Revenue share is the percentage of revenue allocated to partner publishers whose inventory you sell or otherwise represent. You can update the revenue share of any “Affiliate/distribution partner” or “Content partner” company:

  1. In DFP, click the Admin tab.
  2. In the left panel, click Companies.
  3. In the table that appears, click the name of any company with a “Type” of “Affiliate/distribution partner” or “Content partner”.
  4. Update the percentage in the “Revenue share” field.

Report on revenue share

The “Revenue share” percentage value governs reporting with the new “Partner management” metrics and related dimensions in the Query Tool. These new metrics replace the “Partner revenue” and “Content partner revenue” metrics. Learn more.

Similarly, this percentage value governs the new PARTNER_MANAGEMENT columns in the DFP API, which replace the existing DISTRIBUTION_PARTNER, CONTENT_PARTNER, and RIGHTS_HOLDER columns.

The new partner management dimensions, metrics, and columns provide data only from September 11, 2015, onward.

No interruption to ad serving or partner companies

With the transition to the simplified DFP partner management system, at no time was ad serving interrupted or partner companies removed. DFP retains the same companies you set up to represent your partners and continues to serve ads without interruption.

Timeline of the transition

Here’s a historical timeline of the transition to simplified partner management.

Date Event
April 2015
  • Early access to simple percentage revenue share on partner detail pages for configuration before it takes effect.
November 2015
  • Availability of new partner management reporting—the new "Partner management" metrics group in the Query Tool and the new PARTNER_MANAGEMENT columns in the DFP API.
  • The new partner management reporting system provides data only from September 11, 2015 onward.
January 25, 2016
  • Sunset of partner portal. Partners can be granted access to relevant reports through the DFP shared reports feature.
  • Sunset of financial terms. All revenue shares can be configured with a simple percentage on partner detail pages.
  • Sunset of legacy partner metrics and dimensions. New, simplified partner metrics and dimensions are available. Affiliate/distribution partner, content partner, and rights holder dimensions replaced by a single set of dimensions for all partners.
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Partner management might not be enabled in your DFP environment. For more details, talk to your manager or a DoubleClick representative.