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Troubleshoot Smart Banners for apps

The Smart Banner size for ad units allows publishers to display the best sized ad according to the size and orientation of their mobile app. Publishers must traffic corresponding creative sizes for line items to serve into Smart Banners. Read the following if your Smart Banner ads are not delivering or are not centered.

Smart Banners are only supported for standard banner calls. Use of Smart Banners with other features, such as Native ads, DFP Mediation, and Ad Exchange Flexible sizes, is not supported and may result in unpredictable behavior.

Smart Banner ads are not delivering

Verify that there are active line items that are eligible to serve, and that your developer has correctly implemented the AdSize.SMART_BANNER size using the Google Mobile Ads SDK. You can verify this by ensuring the smart_w and smart_h parameters are included in the ad request.

When Smart Banner is enabled for a particular ad slot, the SDK will automatically detect the size of the mobile device and include that size in the ad request. All line items and creatives with the following sizes will become eligible to serve:

  1. Have a height matching the requested height.
  2. Have a width greater than or equal to half the requested width and less than or equal to the requested width. For example, creatives sized between 180x50 to 360x50 would be eligible to serve to a 360x50 Smart Banner request.

Smart Banner ads are not centered

When an image ad doesn’t take up the entire allotted space for the banner, the image will be centered. If your ads do not center, verify that the creative’s true size matches the target size in DFP. For example, if you configured a size override of 320x50 on a 360x50 creative, the SDK will render a 360x50 ad view to display the 320x50 creative. You should create a separate creative for each individual size.

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