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This help center content is for DFP sales management, which might not be enabled in your network.

Configure proposal fields as editable after submission

DFP admin content This article is for DFP administrators or roles with similar permissions

Typically, after a proposal is submitted, sales representatives can make changes to a proposal only if they first retract. As a DFP administrator, however, you can designate some fields or settings as editable without needing to retract.

Configure editable fields

The ability to view and configure editable field settings is controlled by two permissions:

  • View editable field settings
  • Configure editable field settings

As a DFP administrator, you have all permissions by default. You can also grant these permissions to other roles as needed. 

To configure which fields are editable after submission:

  1. Navigate to Sales and then  Workflows. Under Workflows, select Editable fields.

  2. Choose the fields that are to be editable.

  3. Click Save.

Be aware that designating a field or setting as editable after submission could circumvent your business rules. A proposal that has passed through workflow successfully (a sold proposal) no longer needs to pass through workflow steps. Rules created under workflow steps that restrict a field or setting made editable won't apply for sold proposals unless the proposal is retracted and goes through workflow again. 

Editable fields

DFP administrators can designate the fields listed below as editable after a proposal is submitted. Fields in corresponding orders and line items are updated when changes are made to the originating proposal or proposal line item.

  • Name
  • PO number
  • Notes
  • Teams
  • Primary salesperson
  • Secondary salesperson
  • Sales planners
  • Primary trafficker
  • Secondary trafficker
  • Billing source ✽
  • Billing schedule ✽
  • Billing cap ✽
  • Custom fields
  • Resources

DFP administrators can designate the fields listed below as editable in proposal line items by sales representatives. There are no corresponding billing options in delivery line items.

  • Name
  • Proposal line item comments
  • Billing source ✽
  • Billing schedule ✽
  • Billing cap ✽
  • Custom fields
✽ Once a proposal is sold, billing options cannot be modified, even if they are designated as editable and even if a proposal is retracted.
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