Publisher University

Your one-stop training destination for Google’s publisher-facing products

Publisher University provides the opportunity to deep dive into the product areas that are most valuable to you through tailorable, self-study training solutions for DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

The materials have been designed to suit a variety of roles and skill levels. Whether you’re starting out as a trafficker or a seasoned manager, there’s a training solution suited to your needs:

  • Certification: Review one of our engaging online courses and demonstrate your knowledge of Google publisher products by taking an online exam. Once you’ve passed you’ll obtain a printable certificate of completion.
  • Video Library: Here you’ll find all of the publisher training materials conveniently located in one place. Go ahead and pick the topics that are most relevant for you.
  • What's New: Watch video tutorials that explain the latest product feature releases.

With Publisher University you can take training in a place that works for you, at a time that fits in with your schedule. Try it for yourself at

Common questions

Is a specific web browser recommended for Publisher University?

Recommended browsers include Internet Explorer 11+, Chrome 51+, Firefox 48+, and Safari 10+. Using older browser versions may result in problems accessing content or utilizing the newer features of Publisher University.

Why can't I access Publisher University?

Make sure the username you're using is associated with an active DoubleClick for Publishers or DoubleClick Ad Exchange seller account. Access to Publisher University is restricted to active users of these products.

I have visited every page of the course. Why can't I access the exam?

Exams are only unlocked once all corresponding course pages have been visited and all videos have been watched. Please review the content to see what you missed.

Unsure of which pages you have missed?
Check the bottom course navigation. Green circles represent completed pages, a dotted green circle represents your current page. Those without circles have not yet been viewed.

Where is my Publisher University course completion certificate?

Certificates are emailed to users from "". Please search your email inbox as well as any spam/junk folders you might have. 

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