Override blocking rules for Ad Exchange deals

Certain inventory blocking rules are automatically ignored for new Preferred Deals. You can control this behavior by adjusting the "Override blocks" setting for any individual deal, at any time. The following blocking rules are overridden when this setting is enabled:

To see the blocking rules you currently have in place, click Inventory and then Ad Exchange rules, then click Blocking or Opt-in.

If you're accessing this feature from Ad Exchange instead of DFP, click Rules.


* Certain ad technologies are not affected by the override setting. See the full list, below.

Override blocking rules for Private Auctions

This feature can be used for Private Auctions to override publisher restrictions on blocking rules, but must be explicitly set to ON for any individual auction. The policy update for Preferred Deal transactions does not apply to Private Auctions. Enabling the "Override blocks" feature does not allow you to override the Open Auction content policies.


Blocking rules not affected by the override setting

Certain blocking rules and settings remain active and still impact your deal, even when this feature is enabled.
This includes the following:

  • Blocking rules set up for cookies and data uses (non-Google Demand): This applies to cookies and data used for data collection for subsequent use in targeting or remarketing, targeting consumers based on remarketing lists and interest-based category ads, or match-coding for subsequent data-based targeting on same users.
  • Blocking rules set up for user-based data (Google Demand sources): This applies to ads based on user interest categories and remarketing ads. This setting applies across all of your inventory and targeting, at the product (web property) level. 
  • Certain ad technologies: This applies to in-banner video, interactive video ads (VPAID), RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media, rollover expandables (beta) and Google expandable (beta).

Overrides also do not apply to AdWords buying, static buying, RTB pretargeting.

Enable or disable the override setting for an individual deal

  1. While logged into your Ad Exchange account, select the Deals tab.
  2. Locate the Override blocks option in your Preferred Deal or Private Auction. The feature is available when creating, editing or negotiating a Preferred Deal or when creating or updating a Private Auction.

  3. Set to ON to enable or OFF to disable.
  4. Click Confirm in the confirmation window that appears.

Policy update for Preferred Deal transactions

Overrides of the content restrictions for the Open Auction now apply to most Preferred Deals. Creatives currently blocked in the Open Auction are allowed to run when the override blocks feature is enabled. Certain restricted categories (for example, malware or copyright) are unaffected by overrides to ensure compliance with Google policies. Alcohol ads are also unaffected. Learn more

You can disable the override functionality by setting "Override blocks" to OFF in the settings for any individual Preferred Deal and can continue to use Creative review to allow or block any individual creatives from running on your inventory. Ads containing alcohol content still require separate enablement, which includes selecting the option in the Ad Exchange interface and buyer declaration of the content. Learn more

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