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Generate a report from a system query

System queries can be thought of as templates for queries, with certain recommended items pre-selected. Use system queries to construct reports for your network over a given time period. Reports can be generated on either a one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Reportsand thenQueries
  3. At the top menu of the Queries page, click System queries.
  4. Click on the query you'd like to run from the list of available system queries. Once you've clicked to create a system query, recommended dimensions and metrics will be pre-selected.

Report parameters you can change (optional)

  1. Select a date range other than the pre-selected date range. If you want to schedule a weekly report, select Last week (Mon-Sun). If you want to schedule a monthly report, select Last month.
    A broad date range selection, such as the dynamic date range of Last 3 years, may unfavorably impact your report performance. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you choose a specific date range whenever possible.
  2. Enter the DFP username or email address of people who will be allowed to edit the query.
  3. Select or deselect from the list of dimensions and metrics. If you're scheduling a weekly report, ensure you've selected Week and if you're scheduling a monthly report, ensure you've selected Month and year.

Run and share your report

  1. Select how often you want to run the report, the file type of the report, and optionally with whom you'd like to share the report.
  2. You can save or share your system queries, like any other query. When you save a system query, you are creating a new query, not editing the system query. The query will be listed on the "Queries" page.
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