Understand VAST video error codes

The following is a list of possible VAST video errors displayed in Query Tool. These are standard VAST errors. More information can be found in the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) specifications from the IAB.

A video player can trigger some errors but still play the ad (for example, 200-203, 600, 601, 603, 604). This behavior varies by player implementation.

Where applicable, more information is provided below to help you troubleshoot and resolve common issues.

VAST video errors

Error displayed in Query Tool Definition More information to help you resolve
100 XML parsing error.  
101 VAST schema validation error.  
102 VAST version of response not supported.  
200 Trafficking error. The video player received an ad type that it was not expecting and/or cannot display.  
201 Video player expecting different linearity.  
202 Video player expecting different duration.

This can be caused when the creative returned is a different duration than specified in DFP. For example, a creative of duration 30 seconds is returned, but the media file duration is 60 seconds. Check that the creative in DFP has the proper duration set.

203 Video player expecting different size.  
300 General wrapper error.  
301 Timeout of VAST URI provided in wrapper element, or of VAST URI provided in a subsequent wrapper element. This includes request errors such as invalid URI, unreachable or request timeout for URI, and security or other exceptions related to requesting a VAST URI.

Check that the VAST URI is valid and reachable.

This could be due to poor internet connection or non-optimized page and therefore request times out. Check whether this occurs more on mobile devices (may not be reproducible).

This can be caused by HTTP serving to HTTPS.

Video fallback may be helpful to avoid losing impressions.

302 Wrapper limit reached, as defined by the video player. Too many wrapper responses have been received with no InLine response. This can be caused by a circular loop of daisy chaining (one network bouncing to another and another). 
303 No ads VAST response after one or more wrappers. This also includes the number of empty VAST responses from fallback.

When working with third-party networks, the fill-rate can be less than 100%. If so, this is an expected error. For example, if the third-party expects to fill 60% of the time, you should expect 40% errors. You can check to ensure that the error rate is in line with the fill-rate of the third-party network.

Video fallback may be helpful to avoid losing impressions.

400 General linear error. The video player is unable to display the linear ad.  
401 File not found. Unable to find Linear/MediaFile from URI.  
402 Unable to download or timeout of MediaFile URI.

Potential causes:

Showing video ads in an auto-play environment (for example, a playlist), while the window is not in focus (either another tab is selected, or window is minimized).*

When the loadVideoTimeout setting in the IMA SDK is set unreasonably low. The default is 8 seconds.

Low bandwidth, or poor website implementation with competing requests that delay loading of the media file.

A video auto-plays in a mobile environment, whereas it should be click-to-play (there are some exceptions).

For players that use the IMA SDK, video fallback may be helpful to avoid losing impressions.

* Only happens in the Chrome web browser.

403 Could not find a media file that is supported by this video player, based on the attributes of the MediaFile element.

This may indicate that the wrong creative type attempted to play.

This error type is more common on mobile.

405 Problem displaying a media file.  
406 A mezzanine file was required, but not provided.  
407 The mezzanine file was downloaded for the first time, so the ad did not serve. This can occur when an ad insertion is missed because the creative is being transcoded. It continues to occur until the creative is available for insertion.
408 The ad returned in the VAST response was rejected.  
409 The interactive creative defined in the InteractiveCreativeFile node was not executed.  
410 The code referenced in the Verification node was not executed.  
500 General NonLinearAds error.  
501 Unable to display non-linear ad because creative dimensions do not align with creative display area (in other words, the creative dimension was too large). This can occur if you use CSS styles to set width and height of the video content element. You should instead use the width and height HTML attributes.
502 Unable to fetch NonLinearAds/NonLinear resource.  
503 Could not find NonLinearresource with supported type. This can occur when a creative size is larger than the player size.
600 General CompanionAds error.  
601 Unable to display companion because creative dimensions do not fit within the companion display area (in other words, space was not available).  
602 Unable to display required companion.  
603 Unable to fetch CompanionAds/Companion resource.  
604 Could not find Companion resource with supported type.  
900 VAST 2 error. Even if you request VAST 3 or your DFP network default is VAST 3, this can occur if you have a VAST redirect that returns a VAST 2 response.
901 General VPAID error.

This can occur when the "IMA Adapter" tag from Ad Exchange is used with the IMA SDK, and a VPAID ad is returned. You should use the "Direct SDK" tag from Ad Exchange when using the IMA SDK.

1005 URI malformed.

This can occur when either the encoding or decoding of a URI was not successful. You should ensure that any special characters in your URI strings are encoded correctly.

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