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Not available in DFP Small Business.

Invoiced impressions metrics

You can select from the following DoubleClick invoiced impression metrics when you create or edit a query using Query Tool:

Invoiced impressions
Total impressions plus any companion impressions not associated with an uplift (e.g., mobile, video, and rich media). Ad requests that returned ads that were eventually viewed.

Invoiced unfilled impressions
Only non-prefetch unfilled impressions (ad requests that didn't return any ads). 

In general, DFP charges anytime a call is made to the ad server to serve an ad impression. There are some exceptions, including but not limited to: 
  • Any delayed-impression creatives, also known as pre-fetch creatives, are only billed if they are actually displayed to the end user. This is different than a “viewable impression” which measures how much of the ad is visible in the user's browser not whether or not the ad impression was actually shown.
  • We don’t charge for any unfilled ads that are prefetched, in other words, if there was no ad available at the time of the prefetch request.
  • We don’t charge for any companion ads where there’s also an “uplift fee,” for example, video and rich media.
As a result of these issues, depending on your setup, there may be minor discrepancies between what’s shown in the Query Tool versus your monthly invoice due to, but not limited to, delayed impressions or spam filtering.

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