Add or edit an Ad Exchange mobile tag

Add a mobile tag

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Inventory and then Ad Exchange inventory and then Tags.
    To access this feature from Ad Exchange instead of DFP, click Inventory and then Tags.
  3. Click the Mobile In-App sub-tab.
  4. Click + New tag. The “New tag” prompt window opens.
  5. Enter a meaningful name that clearly identifies the mobile tag. 
  6. (Optional) To create a nested tag, select the “Nested tag under” checkbox.
    When you decide to nest a tag, the tag you are currently creating appears under the tag [name] you select from the “Nested tag under” drop-down.
  7. Located below the nest tag section, use the app ad ID (ca-mb-app-pub ID) to configure the ad in your application.
  8. Click Save & get code. A tag ID (e.g., 4938177565) is automatically assigned to the mobile tag.
    For an existing tag, click Get DFP code from the “Tags list” page to see the popup window.
  9. Select the desired ad size to display the tag code.
  10. Utilize this code to traffic an Ad Exchange in-app ad into DFP.

Edit a mobile tag

  1. To edit a mobile tag’s ad code, from the “Tags” list page, click the mobile tag name.
  2. Change your mobile tag name, if desired.
  3. Change nested tag, if needed.
  4. Click Save
Nested tags cannot be deleted.
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