DoubleClick for Publishers Ad Units or Placements

If your Ad Exchange account is connected to your DoubleClick for Publishers account, your DFP inventory is imported directly into DoubleClick Ad Exchange on your behalf. The inventory is updated in real-time from DFP, so if you make a change in DFP, the update appears in Ad Exchange instantly.

Select DFP ad units in your targeting

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Inventory and then Ad Exchange inventory and then DFP:Ad units.
  3. When you first access the “DFP ad units” section of the Inventory tab, you must select the checkbox which grants Ad Exchange permission to access the inventory. When the permissioning message appears, select the checkbox. 
    Permissioning message:
    Such data will be used by Google for the purpose of selling Seller’s inventory via the Ad Exchange and disclosed to Buyers per Seller’s configurations in the Ad Exchange user interface. Please note that all such DFP data will thereafter be subject to the Google Services Agreement that governs Seller’s participation in the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange.
  4. Create a new rule or edit an existing rule.
  5. Using the targeting selector tool, identify your DFP: ad units or DFP: placements inventory.

    You can exclude specific child ad units from parent units that you're targeting.

  6. Construct your rule, as usual.

The “All DFP ad units” and "All DFP placements" columns appear only if you have DFP inventory. In the Rules list page, any existing rules display targeting as "All DFP ad units" and "All DFP placements" in addition to any existing criteria.

All DoubleClick for Publishers inventory shown in the “DFP: Ad units” or "DFP: Placements" pages are read-only, therefore any necessary changes need to be made via DoubleClick for Publishers.

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