Create and manage labels

Create a label

  1. Navigate to Admin, then click Inventory to view "All labels."

  2. Click New label.

  3. Enter a name for the label. The name can have up to 127 characters.

  4. Optional: Add a description of the label.

  5. Choose one or more Type for which this label can be used, or leave this option blank and choose a type later. Learn more about label types

  6. Click Save.

Disable a label

To stop a label from working, there's no need to remove it from line items, inventory, or tags. Instead, you can disable it. 

  1. Navigate to Admin, then click Inventory to view "All labels."

  2. Find and click on the label you want to disable.

  3. Click Disable.

You can also prevent a label from performing a particular function by deselecting the checkbox for that label type. For example, if you want to stop a label from enforcing an ad exclusion rule, you can disable the Ad exclusion checkbox. If you disable all of the checkboxes, the label can remain active but can't perform any function.

Re-enable the label by clicking Enable.

Check out the DFP Admin Fundamentals training module. 

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