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A financial term is comprised of settings and associations.

Settings allow the financial details of an agreement—that is, how you will share revenue with the partner, such as a percentage of total revenue or, perhaps, a revenue share arrangement based on the CPM yielded by your partner. Under Settings, you can also account for any pre- or post-share costs and indicate any minimum payment you may have guaranteed a partner.

Associations are created under the settings of a financial term. An association is a container in which you can put partners, ad units, or video content. These items work like targeting: they isolate specific inventory and impressions. The items you place in an association (that is, the impressions you've targeted) will then fall under the financial details you've specified in the settings.

Good to know about associations

A financial term can have more than one association. However, associations must always be uniquely defined. No association can have the exactly the same set of items in it. This is true for all associations in your system, whether they have been created in the same financial term or different financial term. See How DFP selects which financial term to apply for more details.

Here is a visual representation of a financial term:

Financial term
Indicate the details of your revenue share model.

For example, you can specify that you want to share revenue based on a percentage of total revenue or, perhaps, based on the CPM yielded by your partner.

Association 1
Decide which partners, ad units, video content, or other items fall under the financial term settings. The items you place in an association act like targeting: they specify the ad units and impressions that need to fall under the financial details in the settings.
Association 2
You can create multiple associations per financial term, but every association must be unique.
Association 3
Multiple associations per financial term gives you the option of managing revenue sharing agreements that are the same across various partners and sets of inventory.

More details about financial term settings and associations will be covered later in Set up financial terms.

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