DFP notifications

Learn about important events in DFP

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) notifications help you track important events in DFP, such as line items that are under-delivering or creatives that have been disabled because malware was detected.

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click the bell icon Notifications to open a panel with new notifications.
  3. For each notification:
    • Click Investigate to see additional details.
    • Click Dismiss to remove the notification.
    • Click More More to mute future notifications of the same type that don't interest you.

Personalize your notifications in the Settings menu Settings. You can tell DFP what types of notifications interest you or see notification types you've muted, if you want DFP to display them again.

Policy violation notifications 

As part of your policy violation workflow, violating content is highlighted through DFP notifications. These notifications display a daily summary of policy center-related changes that occurred in the last 24 hours. These notifications are listed by priority, allow you to quickly take action on page-level policy violations, and keep you informed on new policy enforcements. 

Policy violation example

To visit the Policy Dashboard for the option to download a CSV with page-level policy violations, click View violations.

DFP sales management   DFP sales management
  • As a publisher with DFP sales management enabled, DFP alerts you to other important events related to your sales. Some of these events include:
    • Proposals that are awaiting your approval
    • Proposals that you submitted and were successfully approved for a step during the review process
    • Proposals that you submitted but were rejected during the approval process
    • When inventory is released and a proposal retracted
    • Proposals that were archived
    • Reconciliation updates or changes to orders with which you're associated.
  • In addition, DFP provides alerts when corresponding orders or line items are updated as a result of changes to their originating proposals or proposal line items. Inspect "Change history" with details from this alert to identify precisely what updates were made.
  • Learn more in DFP sales management notifications.
  DFP programmatic
  • Publishers using DFP programmatic receive email messages and alerts about events related to their programmatic business. These events include when buyers of programmatic guaranteed proposals:
    • Upload creatives for a finalized proposal 
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