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Add Google +1 to an image creative

We all know the power of personal recommendations. With Google +1, people can let their friends know about stuff they like on the web — and that can include your ads. Using the image with Google +1 creative template, you can add the Google +1 icon to your ads so that people can share your advertisers' offers with people across the web.

How it works

When someone +1's one of your ads, that person is actually adding a +1 to a webpage that you choose. Some people share their Google +1 recommendations with their friends on their Google+ profiles and in Google search results. By default, the Image with Google +1 template lets you choose a custom URL for the user to +1, but it's recommended that you choose the final destination page of the ad.

As a reminder, for purposes of clarification, any data collected from your use of the Google +1 icon is not data derived from your use of any DoubleClick Service, including without limitation the DoubleClick Campaign Manager Service or the DoubleClick for Publishers Service, and accordingly such data is not subject to the terms of the agreement(s) between you and DoubleClick pursuant to which DoubleClick provides, and you utilize, any DoubleClick Service. Data collected from your use of the Google +1 icon is governed by the applicable Google +1 terms of service between you and Google and any applicable policies.

Best practices

When choosing the URL, whether it's the click-through URL or a different URL, here are some best practices:

  • Set the +1 URL to a sensible destination page. Some click-through URLs are redirects to verification or analytics services or other websites that aren't the user's final destination.

    People who +1 your ad probably don't want to find a redirect service in their list of recommendations. If you use redirects, it's best to set the +1 URL to the actual destination page where the user arrives after clicking on the ad.

  • Make sure the URL is for a website that's closely related to the ad. For example, if your ad is for a discount offer, you might want to choose a URL for a webpage about that offer, rather than just the URL of your advertiser's homepage.

  • If the ad has rich or entertaining content that you think people will want to share, make sure users can find that content on the +1 webpage.

  • Avoid misleading +1's. For example, if your ad is for a new Android app, it would be misleading to direct the ad's +1's to a website that sells cell phones and doesn't mention the app.

Add a creative with the Google +1 Icon

To add a creative that includes the Google +1 icon:

  1. Starting from a line item, click Add creatives > new creative.
  2. Under Custom template, type "Image with Google +1", and click continue.
  3. In the new creative, upload your image.
  4. Complete the other fields, then save the creative.

Fields in the Image with Google +1 template

The fields in the Image with Google +1 template are divided into two sections:

  • Standard image fields are similar to those found in image creatives and other templates.
  • Google +1 fields tell us how to display the Google +1 icon in your creative.
Standard fields

The standard fields in the Image with Google +1 template should be familiar to you if you're used to working with image creatives. If not, don't worry about all the confusing terms. In most cases, you can use default values for the more advanced fields or leave them blank.

Image file: Select the image file that you uploaded.

Click-through URL: Use the default value of %%DEST_URL%% to use the click-through URL set for this creative in each line item, or enter a custom click-through URL.



Google +1 fields

These fields tell DFP how to display the Google +1 icon in your creative.

+1 URL: The URL that will actually receive the +1 when a user clicks the icon. Use the default value of %%DEST_URL%% to use the click-through URL set for this creative in each line item, or enter a custom URL that will override any line item-level settings. See the best practices at the top of this article for more details.

Button position: Choose which corner of your creative to display the Google +1 icon in.

Button size: Choose the size of the button. Options are:

  • Standard (24px)
  • Small (15px)
  • Medium (20px)
  • Tall (60px)* You should only use the tall button on a skyscraper type ad unit.

Annotation: Choose how you want the +1 button to be annotated:

  • Inline: Show the count of users who have +1'd the URL + the pictures of the user's friends who have done so.
  • Bubble: Show a count of users who have +1'd the URL.
  • None: No annotation.

Auto-disappear: Choose whether to fade out the Google +1 icon after 10 seconds. You might want to let it fade so that your creative can be fully displayed without any overlay.

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