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What's new in DFP and Ad Exchange Seller

Release notes for September 18, 2017


  • Run A/B experiments on native styles
    Maximize your native performance by A/B testing different native styles using Native experiments. Test fonts, colors layouts, and other updates in a new style against an existing style to see which one will perform better before making a change. Learn more

DoubleClick for Publishers

  • Automatic archive of unused video content sources
    Unused content sources set up in your DFP network were automatically archived on September 11, 2017. Content sources considered "unused" were those created before July 31 and with zero impressions served since June 1, 2017. You can unarchive these or any other content sources at any time. Learn more

Ad Exchange

  • Ad Exchange Query Tool retirement has arrived

    If your organization has DFP access, the Ad Exchange Seller Query Tool is now officially retired. Going forward, run your Ad Exchange queries using the DFP Query Tool and the “Ad Exchange Historical” report type. You can also transfer your existing Ad Exchange queries to DFP.

Coming soon...

  • Deprecation of Ad Exchange UI tags in DFP Ad Exchange line items
    Ad Exchange UI tags in DFP Ad Exchange line items will soon be fully deprecated. Over the next few months, we may reach out to you with a shorter timeline depending on your usage of Ad Exchange UI tags in DFP Ad Exchange line items.

    For all traffic from DFP, you must remove Ad Exchange UI tags from rules, deals, and reporting in Ad Exchange and replace them with DFP targeting (ad units, key-values, and placements). Use our guide to restructure your Ad Exchange configuration and remove the Ad Exchange UI tag.

    If you don't make any changes, eventually Ad Exchange UI tags will no longer be included in your DFP ad requests. Any rule or deal that targets an Ad Exchange UI tag will no longer be matched with ad requests from DFP. Monetization will continue, but will do so via other rules and deals, as Ad Exchange tags associated with DFP line items will no longer be sent.

    This doesn't impact traffic implemented directly on website pages or on third-party ad servers.

  • Transition to downloaded impressions coming in October 2017
    DFP will begin counting impressions using the downloaded methodology in October 2017. Use the “Ad server downloaded impressions” metric to see how this impacts your network and update campaigns before this change. Learn more
  • Query Tool deprecations
    To further fine tune the DFP Query Tool, we'll be retiring some dimensions, metrics, and report types on a rolling basis. The goal of this cleanup effort is to reduce complexity, improve your reporting experience, and offer better support. As part of this, we’ll be marking the "Ad server code served count" metric deprecated in the short term. Stay tuned for more details.

  • New policy violation filters and details
    New line item filters, creative statuses, and creative details will make it easier to find and resolve policy violations in your creatives.

  • DFP First Look on primary account only
    On December 1st, DFP will only allow First Look to transact on your primary linked Ad Exchange account. Networks that previously enabled First Look on non-primary accounts will soon stop transacting in First Look. This does not affect traffic otherwise set through Ad Exchange line items.

  • New interface design
    We’ll soon update the way DFP looks to align with other Google products, such as AdSense and AdMob. Functionality remains unaffected, but navigation and other elements will be customized to optimize your daily work.
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