Pause, archive, or release inventory

You may have created line items or orders that you no longer want to serve, view, or include in your forecasting data.

  • Pausing a line item suspends delivery but keeps the line item’s inventory reserved and keeps the line item in view.

    You can’t pause archived line items.
  • Releasing inventory frees up inventory that has been reserved by a line item. This means our forecasting system knows it can use these impressions for other reserved line items.

    You can’t release inventory for non-reserved line item types (network, bulk, price priority, or house).
  • Archiving a line item pauses the line item (if delivering), releases its inventory (if reserved), and files it away from view. Archived line items are listed only in the ‘Archived’ view of the Line items screen. You can reactivate the line item by unarchiving it. If the order containing the line item is also archived, you must unarchive the order before you can unarchive the line item.

    You can’t archive line items that are pending approval.

To pause, archive, or release inventory for a line item:

  1. In your DFP Premium account, click the Orders tab.

  2. Click the order containing the appropriate line items.

  3. Select the checkbox next to the appropriate line items, then:

    • To pause, click Pause.

    • To release inventory, click More actions then Release inventory.

    • To archive, click More actions then Archive.