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Pre-tag your site to build forecasts before launching campaigns

New ad units must received traffic on your site for at least 28 days before inventory forecasts are optimized. DoubleClick for Publishers uses a sample of the last 28 days of your network's impression activity as a basis to model future traffic patterns. Learn more about the forecasting sample file

You can pre-tag your site to build forecasts before launching campaigns. To report on forecasting data as soon as a campaign starts, pre-tag your site at least 28 days before the campaign launches.

Tag your site early and build an inventory forecast

  1. Set up inventory in DoubleClick for Publishers with AdSense disabled for all units (this ensures AdSense doesn't deliver ads before you're ready). If you'll be employing key-values, be sure to define the key-values in the network.

  2. Tag your site with DoubleClick for Publishers tags. This will initiate forecasting, but not return any ads.

  3. After the forecast has collected enough data (at least 28 days), you can create orders.

  4. If you're transitioning your inventory to DoubleClick for Publishers from another ad server:
    1. Pause your new orders immediately after they're activated to ensure they don't serve. Use a start date close to the date you expect your existing ad server to stop serving ads.

    2. When appropriate, stop ads from your existing ad server, then unpause the DoubleClick for Publishers orders. (Unpause can take effect within two minutes.)
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