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Creative preview

You can preview a creative within DoubleClick for Publishers. You can also preview a creative on your site to test the creative before it's live, and to send screenshots to advertisers.

To preview a creative within DoubleClick for Publishers:

  1. In your DoubleClick for Publishers account, click the Delivery tab.
  2. Click the Creatives in the left-hand navigation.
  3. Click the appropriate creative.
  4. For a number of reasons, sometimes a creative doesn't appear properly on the preview page. If that happens, click New window and preview your creative that way.

To preview a display creative on your site:

  1. In your DoubleClick for Publishers account, click the Delivery tab.
  2. Click the order and the line item containing the creative you'd like to view.
  3. Click the Creatives tab.
  4. Click the appropriate creative.
  5. Click On site.
  6. Enter the URL of the page where you'd like to preview the creative, then click Open preview.

    If you'd like to send a live preview of the ad on your page to your advertisers instead of a screen capture, click Show preview URL to generate a link they can access. The link expires after 180 days. When you click the link, the preview lasts for 15 minutes. After that, if you reload your browser, the preview is no longer displayed, and you'll need to click the link to view it again.


  • When you preview a creative, no ad selection processes are involved, including server calls from third-party tracking pixels.
  • You can generate site previews for creatives immediately after you've uploaded them, even if the ad has not yet started running.
  • The webpage you select for the site preview must contain an ad request that matches the line item's ad unit and size targeting criteria. Other line item targeting definitions, such as key-values or geography, are ignored.
  • If your creative contains a re-direct, geography targeting might apply for the creative after the request is redirected.
  • You can't generate a site preview for a complete roadblock. You can only generate a site preview for one creative at a time.
  • Creative previews for Flash-based custom creatives and creatives based on templates don't show the fallback image.
  • If the page contains multiple eligible ad units, the creative will deliver to any ad unit that matches.
  • If you're previewing a creative on a page requiring authentication, sign into your site first, then preview the creative.
  • Line items and creatives served when you generate a site preview are not included in reporting or forecasting results.

    The "Impressions" or "Clicks" field on the summary page of the line items you've previewed or tested displays the label "Test impressions received". This indicates that the ad server received at least one impression it hasn't counted because the traffic source was not a visitor to your web site. This label also displays in the "Impressions" or "Clicks" field of orders that contain previewed or tested line items.

To preview a video creative set on your site

  1. In your DoubleClick for Publishers account, click the Delivery tab.
  2. Click the order and the line item containing the creative set you'd like to view.
  3. Click the Creatives sets tab.
  4. Click the creative set you want to preview.
  5. In the “Preview” tab of the selected creative set, click On site.
  6. Enter the URL of the page containing the video player capable of showing the ad, then click Open preview.


  • The preview includes your third-party tracking URLs, which can cause an increased count in the URLs you have specified.
  • If the page for which you are requesting the preview contains a video ad rule, our systems simulate the terms of the ad rules to mimic the live ad serving experience. 
  • On-site preview does not work for creatives with size overrides. The size in the tag must match the size of the preview creative.

To preview a mobile creative

Creatives don't always look the same on a mobile device as they do in a desktop browser. To preview a creative on a mobile device, you can generate a QR code in DFP and scan the code with your device. Preview the creative alone or, for ads targeting mobile websites, in a page that the ad is targeting.

To preview your creative on a mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. In the line item on the Delivery tab, select the creative you want to preview.
  2. Select the Preview tab.
  3. Click Mobile.
    • To preview a creative on a mobile device, use a barcode scanning application to scan the QR code and load the preview.
    • To preview a creative in the targeted webpage, enter the webpage URL, click Generate preview to generate a QR code and scan it to load the page with the creative shown. The preview page must contain an ad tag targeted by this creative's line item.
Which preview options are available for each creative type?
QR code preview is available for the following creative types:
  • Third party: Note that this functionality isn't guaranteed for all third parties.
  • Image
  • Image animation (if available in your network)
  • Custom template (if available in your network)
  • Aspect ratio creatives (if available in your network): Note that the preview displays the first image that's been uploaded.
Notes about other creative types:
  • AdMob: No preview options at this time.
  • SDK mediation: No preview options at this time.
  • Video interstitial (if available in your network): To preview, click the Preview tab in DFP. Note that the preview takes up the full screen of the desktop browser; this is not a true reflection of how it looks on a mobile phone.
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