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DFP Small Business releases

July 24, 2017


  • The new Query Tool
    Here's a summary of the exciting enhancements we've made to reporting functionality: Learn more
    • One location to build and edit reports
      To simplify your workflow and focus on saving query parameters rather than report results, “Queries” and “Reports” tabs have been merged. You can "Run" your report from query builder, and "Edit" directly from the results page, both in one location.
    • New report type: Ad Exchange Historical
      Create Ad Exchange reports in DFP by selecting the Ad Exchange Historical report type. Learn more
    • Enhanced Dimension picker
      Use the new “Recently Used” category to view the most frequently selected dimensions, or switch to view specific categories. Mouse over any dimension to view its definition.
    • Enhanced Metric picker
      To make it faster to create queries, your most "Recently Used" metrics are available by default. To minimize confusion and boost clarity, mouse over any metric to view its definition.

DFP Small Business

  • See delivered line items on the “Non-delivery causes” tool
    When you use the “Non-delivery causes" tool to see information on the delivery patterns of your line items for the past 7 days, you can now see the line items that did deliver. Under the non-delivery reason, click See delivered line items. Learn more

  • DFP now supports VAST 4 (Beta)
    You can now begin serving VAST 4 in DFP. This fourth version of the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) is the latest IAB standard. While VAST 4 provides continued support for all features released in VAST 3, it also includes major updates for server-side ad insertion, including support for high-quality mezzanine files and support for universal ad ID programs. Learn more

Coming soon...

  • Change to impression counting for Ad Exchange mobile app impressions
    DoubleClick is changing the way impressions are counted for Ad Exchange mobile app ads to align with industry standards. After this change, DFP will count mobile app impressions from Ad Exchange ads when the ad content has begun to load and at least some part of it is displayed within the user's view. DFP Small Business publishers will begin noticing this change in July and finish in October. Learn more
  • Native ads with Ad Exchange
    You’ll be able to create and programmatically traffic beautiful and highly engaged native ads from Ad Exchange for both web and apps. DFP will handle the rendering of your native ads based on the native styles you specify within the product. Learn more
  • Analyze past and future impressions (Beta)
    You’ll be able to view historical traffic alongside future impression opportunities to find better ways to segment and package inventory.
  • Transition to downloaded impressions coming in October 2017
    DFP will begin counting impressions using the downloaded methodology in October 2017. Use the “Ad server downloaded impressions” metric to see how this impacts your network and update campaigns before this change. Learn more
  • Generate ad tags for AMP
    You’ll be able to easily customize and generate ad tags for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) without having to manually edit code. Learn more
  • Report on ad requests (Beta)
    You’ll be able to run reports that break out performance by the technology used to request an ad.
  • Retiring the AdMob line item type
    On July 30, 2017, DoubleClick for Publishers will stop delivering AdMob line items. AdMob line items you’ve already created will remain in DFP, but the ability to create new AdMob line items will be removed. Use the Ad Exchange line item type or AdMob campaigns instead.
  • Multi-size pricing in Ad Exchange for Mobile In-App inventory
    Multi-size pricing will soon be available for mobile in-app inventory. If you already have multi-size pricing configured for your inventory, you should notice an uplift in revenue when this feature is enabled. Learn more
  • New geographical locations soon available for targeting
    We’re adding more locations around the world for targeting, including cities, neighborhoods, provinces, and more.
If you use Ad Exchange, visit the Ad Exchange Release Notes to learn about the latest feature releases.
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