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DART to DFP delivery settings comparison

Use the table below to view the different delivery settings available in DoubleClick for Publishers and DFP Small Business and to see their equivalents in DART.

Delivery settings DoubleClick for Publishers DFP Small Business DART for Publishers
As fast as possible There is no daily delivery maximum. There is no daily delivery maximum. The ad server can deliver up to five times the daily goal.
Even The ad server will deliver 5% more than the even goal. However, if your network is enabled to use expected traffic shape in pacing, the delivery indicator may be higher than 105% particularly early on in a campaign. (learn more about using expected traffic shape in pacing) The ad server can exceed the daily goal by 5%. The ad server can exceed the daily goal by 25% for the first half of the campaign.
Frontloaded The ad server can exceed the daily goal by 25%. This is similar to "Even delivery" in DART. N/A N/A
For upgraded users: Unlike the DART platform, the only line item type that competes based on CPM against other line items in the DFP ad selection process is price priority. However, all line item types that compete with AdSense and AdExchange will do so based on the exact CPM entered. If no CPM is entered, a value of $0 is assumed.
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