Merged reports

Merged reporting is only available to users who formerly had a DART for Publishers account and have since upgraded to DoubleClick for Publishers. You can view historical delivery, inventory, and sales information from your legacy DART for Publishers account and your current DoubleClick for Publishers Premium account combined into a single report, rather than having to manually merge separate reports from each account.

What information from my legacy DFP account will be available in my upgraded DFP network?

Click and impression counts and revenue for CPM/CPC ads, by creative and ad slot, will be available. Daily aggregates of data are available for the six months prior to the upgrade; monthly aggregates are available for 16 months prior. The granularity of legacy DFP data available in DoubleClick for Publishers will match the granularity of data that was available to you prior to the upgrade.

What information from my legacy DFP account won't be available after the upgrade?

Any targeting information (for example, geography and custom targeting criteria) and extended performance metrics (such as reach or frequency, lift, activities such as conversions, rich media, and video) won't be saved to your upgraded DFP network.

Conversion data from DART Spotlight to DFP Premium Activity Groups won't be available. You can, however, retrieve conversion reporting separately in DART and DFP Premium and consolidate them offline.

We also do not currently support reporting for CPD data, so any CPD figures will appear as unavailable (N/A).

Reporting metrics or features that were unavailable in legacy DFP, such as revenue data for Ad Exchange and AdSense ads, will also be unavailable in merged reports for dates prior to your upgrade. This data can be obtained from the Ad Exchange or AdSense reporting tools instead.