Creative review overview

Creative review is a tool that allows you to review individual ads and choose whether to let them show on your pages--blocking low quality ads that were site targeted or contextually targeted to your inventory. This feature provides:

  • Transparency, flexibility, and greater control over the contextually targeted, interest-based and placement-targeted ads that appear on your sites.
  • Ability to allow or block ads by ad group, individual ad, advertiser, type, or site.
  • Quicker review of ads that have shown, ordered by impression volume.
  • Search for similar image ads (offline search)(beta): a publisher can select an ad image from the Creative review user interface and find all other similar ad images.
  • Search for a near match for a custom image/logo (online search)(beta): a publisher can upload a target image via the Creative review user interface, e.g., the logo of a competitor, and find all other ads that match the target.
  • Ability to review ads that belong to preferred deals.
  • Predictions of ads a publisher may want to block based on blocking history.
  • Timely updates: Creative review is updated with new ads every 20 minutes.
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