Stub files and iframe busters

iframe busters or stub files are usually used in conjunction with Flash creatives that are served within an ad slot that is implemented in an iframe.

If your website implements its tags in iframes, you may find that certain creatives, such as Flash creatives, do not show and the backup GIF file is being served instead. If this is the case, you may need to upload an "iframe buster" or stub file onto your web server. These files are provided by 3rd-party ad servers and custom creative vendors. Your webmaster will normally upload these files to the following location:

Where is your website root and vendorname is the vendor whose creative you are attempting to traffic in an iframe.



If you are trafficking a Flash creative as a DoubleClick tag, you will need to put the DARTIframe.html file into  Therefore, the absolute URL to the stub file would be


If you are trafficking an EyeBlaster Flash creative as a 3rd-party tag, you will need to put the addineyev2.html* file to*


If you are trafficking an Atlas Flash creative as a 3rd-party tag, you will need to put the atlas_rm.htm* file to*

*These stub files are subject to change and may not correspond to the location/filenames implied here.  You should always contact the advertiser or agency that provided you the creative and ask them to also provide you the latest stub file for you to use on your web server.

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