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Serve expandable creatives

Ad Exchange ads that expand horizontally or vertically

Ad Exchange can serve ads that expand horizontally or vertically when a user hovers their mouse over the creative. Expandable creatives may not expand more than twice the base width and three times the base height of the ad dimensions supported by Ad Exchange, except when displaying certain IAB formats and formats approved by Google.

Use the Expandable types dimension in DFP reporting to view the types of expandable ads that appear on your site, including not-expandable, click-to-expand and rollover-to-expand.

Serve expandable creatives to iframe ad tags

For expandable ads to serve correctly within an iframe, each publisher must host a special file to tell Ad Exchange and their creative vendors how to expand a creative outside the bounds of the iframe. This is not necessary for standard JavaScript or image tags.

Host files on your server

  1. Host the Ad Exchange iframe buster file on your server in a /doubleclick/ directory.
Some Ad Exchange expandable ads cannot serve unless the Ad Exchange iframe buster file is hosted on your server in the directory specified.

Verify your hosted files

To test and verify that the files have been correctly implemented, type the full path of the iframe buster into your browser and press Enter. For example,

  • If you load the page and it’s blank, the file has been correctly implemented.
  • If you load the page and get a “Page not found” error or a 404 error, you have not properly implemented the file. Please check that the cross-site scripting file path is correct.
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