Access issues

I’m the administrator of a network and I don’t have access

Contact your Account Manager or your DFA technical representative and ask for advanced agency admin access for your DFA account.

My admin doesn’t know how to give me access to DFA.

To access DFA, you need a user profile. Any user with admin rights can set up a user profile for you, including publishers and vendors. These profiles grant you access to DFA. They also include filters (set by the admin) that determine the kinds of information you can access. Make sure your contact has admin rights and then ask that a user profile with appropriate filters be created in DFA. For steps, your contact should check the following section of the main DFA help center: Account admin > Set up and manage user access.

I have a user profile but I still can’t access DFA.

Getting a user profile is only the first step. Next you have to link a Google Account to your user profile. You'll use the Google Account email and password to access DFA. By now you should have received an invitation email with the necessary instructions.

Not seeing the invitation email? Check your SPAM folder. If you still can’t find it, ask the advertiser to (a) resend the invitation email and (b) make sure your user profile is active. 

I want to use a non-Google email account to access DFA.

I can’t see the right data in DFA.

  1. Confirm that you’re using the right Google Account email and password to access DFA. Different Google Accounts are linked to different user profiles. The wrong user profile might sign you into the wrong account. Also, the wrong user profile might have different filters, which can keep you from seeing the information you need. You can check which profile you’re using by looking in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. It’s easy to lose track of which account you’re in when you have access to multiple accounts. 

  2. Ask the advertiser to check your profile filters. Filters determine which campaigns and advertisers you can access. The advertiser can check that your profile is filtered to the right site by checking that the site ID on the filter matches the site ID used in the campaign you need access to. The advertiser can also confirm that your profile is filtered to the correct campaign and advertiser.

  3. Ask the advertiser to check which user role you’ve been assigned in your user profile. The user role includes permissions to view various reports. Filters may determine the campaigns your publisher can access, but user roles determine access to different types of information within those campaigns.