Ad tags and tag types

Ad tags and tag types

There are several different DART ad tag types that advertisers can generate in DFA. You can work with your DFA advertiser to choose the tag types that work best for your website.

You can learn more about the syntax and usage of each tag type:

In some cases, your DART ad tags will include parameters that are not mentioned here because they are unique to specific DoubleClick for Advertisers accounts or related to features that are not widely used. (For example, if your advertiser is participating in the IAB Impression Exchange, your tags might include the key-valuepc=[TPAS_ID], which you can ignore or delete if you're not using Impression exchange.)

Additionally, there are certain tag types that are used less commonly, such as special tags for particular types of Rich Media.

If you have questions about an ad tag type or parameter that is not mentioned here, ask your DFA advertiser for more information.
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