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What is Community Leads Platform?

The Community Leads Platform (www.communityleads.dev) provides a platform for community leaders to connect with each other like never before. Here, you can find and share resources such as speakers and content, and learn from fellow organizers on community management best practices.   

What can I do on the Community Leads Platform?

  • Find speakers and mentors among other community leads
  • Access Google authored content and event opportunities
  • Exchange meetup content with fellow community leads
  • Share community-related tools and web templates
  • Share best practices and find tips for community management in discussion boards 
  • Seek out technical advice in product-specific meetup discussion boards. 
  • Find project collaborators

How can I access the platform?

The platform can be accessed via web (incl. responsive mobile web) with customizable email notifications.  A native Android app is coming later this year.

Login at www.communityleads.dev with a Google account you use for GDG communication. 

If you have a problem accessing your account, click on “Can’t get in? Let us know” on homepage.

How can I edit my profile?

  1. Click “Edit my profile” on the homepage.
  2. Fill in your profile with skills and technology areas of interest, as well as other info about yourself.
  3. If you want to allow others to search for you as a possible speaker, mentor, mark yourself with the applicable fields in the “Skills” area of the profile. 

Can I be contacted by others on the Platform?

You can opt-in to be contacted by others. Click “Edit my profile” on the homepage and set “Allow others to contact you” to "Yes". When someone contacts you, you will receive an email. However, your email address will never be revealed on the platform. It is up to you, if you want to reply or not.

How can I set up my notifications?

Click on “Select boards to follow” from the Homepage to choose exchange boards you are interested in. Click on the bell icon next to boards to be notified of new posts and set up notifications to be sent to you via email.

Can anyone see my GDG related questions?

  • Posts on the “GDG Leads only discussion board” are only seen by other GDG leads.
  • Other boards on the platform allow for open exchanges with other community organizers. Anyone on the platform will be able to view these boards. 

How can I give feedback on the platform?

Let us know your questions or comments on the Platform feedback and ideas board! 

How can I communicate with other leads on the platform?

  • Ask questions and share experiences about managing your community in the Leads exchange board.
  • Share your knowledge and help other community leads by answering questions on the platform.
  • Have a question for an individual? Click on profile of the person and send a private message (only if the other person allows it).

Can I share my events on the platform?

I don’t want to be a member. How can I opt out?

  • The platform will be used as a primary channel for distributing Google content. If you are opting out because you don’t want to receive communication from the platform, please consider updating your notification preferences.
  • You can remove your account from the Platform at any time. All of your contributions will be anonymised and the account will be deleted.
  • To remove yourself from the Platform: Login to communityleads.dev Click on “Home” > “Profile management” and select “Opt out from the platform”.
  • Within 2 working days, your account will be removed.
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