Transferring group ownership

If you would like to identify a new organizer to step up as the new primary organizer of your group, please follow these steps:

  1. First, contact Meetup support ( and CC the new organizer to request that your discount be applied to the nominated organizer account: 
    I am a GDG organizer and Google Inc is sponsoring my group's Meetup subscription in conjunction with participation in the GDG program. I would like to transfer ownership of my Meetup Group [LINK TO MEETUP GROUP] to this member [LINK TO NOMINATED MEMBER PROFILE]. Please transfer my sponsored  discount to their account.
  2. Once you’ve received confirmation that your discount has been transferred, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Meetup group homepage.
    2. Hover over ‘My profile’.
    3. Tap ‘Step down as Organizer’.
    4. Search for the new organizer’s account name.
    5. Check the box beside their name and tap ‘Next’.
    6. Add a custom message if you’d like.
    7. Tap ‘Make nomination’.
  3. What happens next:
    1. The nominated organizer will receive a notification that they’ve been nominated, and they will need to accept from the group’s homepage in order to complete the transfer of ownership. They may be required to enter their credit card information, but they will not be charged.