Redeeming your GDG sponsored ticket

Before you start

Only the primary organizer of the group, listed in bold in the ‘Organizer’ section, will be able to connect the Meetup to the official GDG Meetup Pro network. If you are not the main organizer, please forward these instructions to the correct contact. Be sure you are logged into this Meetup main organizer account before starting.

To double check the email address you’re logged in with, go to this page: Your email address will be listed at the top of the page.

If you’re logged into the incorrect account, log out and then back in using the correct email address.

How to redeem your ticket

  1. Click the “Meetup Ticket” link from your email.
    After clicking, you should see the confirmation stating that “A GDG pass has been added to your Meetup account”.
  2. Click ‘Connect’ beside the Meetup you would like to connect.
    1. If you organize other Meetup Groups, they won't be affected.
    2. If your Meetup doesn't appear in this list, it means you aren't logged into the primary organizer account for the group. See “Before you start” for more information about this issue.
  3. After you click ‘Connect’, you will see a confirmation screen.
  4. Edit your group description following the GDG Description guidelines:
    1. Start the introduction with a description of the group, such as “a group of developers that foster learning of Google’s developer technologies” or “local community-ran meetup for developers interested in resources and technology from Google Developers.”
    2. Conclude with this disclaimer:
      Disclaimer: GDG <Chapter Name> is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit
    3. All Meetup Groups must also align with Meetup policies.


It is important that your Meetup group is set with the correct "Technology" topic category so Meetup can properly alert potential new members.


What happens next?

  1. Your Meetup Group appears on the official GDG Meetup Pro map.
  2. A 100% discount is applied to your subscription which will be applied on your next upcoming renewal. All future subscription renewals will be free as long as your Meetup Group remains connected to the GDG Meetup Pro network.  You can check this in the “Organizer Subscription” section of your account.
  3. “Worldwide” link:
    Aside from your group’s visibility on the GDG Meetup Pro Map page, you can tell that your Meetup is connected to the network by the ‘Worldwide’ link that appears on the group homepage, which links members back to the map page.