What if I receive an error from the link?

If you see the message below, this means that the link has been clicked by someone other than the primary organizer, and the link is now invalid.  Please reach out to your regional lead to get a new ticket issued.  Make sure that you are logged in as the primary organizer in Meetup when you click your new ticket link.

What happens if I have more than one GDG Meetup?

A sponsorship ticket can only be redeemed once, so if you have more than one GDG Meetup Group, you should have received a separate Meetup ticket for your other GDG Meetup. You will need to follow the same steps to connect the other group.
If you did not receive a second ticket, please contact your regional lead.
Please note that Meetup allows a single user to manage a maximum of 3 Meetup groups.  If you already manage 3 non-GDG Meetup groups in your account, you will need to create a new Meetup account in order to create your GDG Meetup page.

What if I recently paid for my Meetup Subscription renewal?

If you paid for your subscription renewal within the past 30 days, you are eligible for a refund from Meetup. You can request that refund by contacting Meetup support with the following language:
I am a GDG organizer, and I recently linked my group the the official GDG Meetup Pro network: [LINK TO GROUP]. My subscription renewed within the past 30 days, and I’d like that charge to be refunded.

What if I connected the wrong Meetup Group?

If you organize more than one Meetup Group and you accidentally connected the wrong one, please do the following: 
  1. Contact your regional admin to request a new Meetup ticket and inform them the wrong group was linked. 
  2. Contact Meetup support to request that the original Meetup be disconnected from the GDG network. You can use the following language:
    I am a GDG organizer, and I have multiple Meetup Groups. I recently connected the incorrect Meetup Group to the GDG Meetup Pro network, and I would like it to be disconnected. [LINK TO MEETUP GROUP]
  3. Once you receive your new URL, you’ll be able to follow the same steps to connect the correct Meetup. 

Does this change the ownership of the Meetup?  Does Google have the ability to make changes on my Meetup?

The primary organizer is the owner of the Meetup.  Google doesn’t have ownership of the group, and doesn’t have the ability to change member roles in the Meetup. Google will pay for your subscription fees as long as you’re part of the GDG program. We’ll review your GDG chapter events and attendee numbers as needed solely for internal reporting purposes.