Reporting attendance after an event

From your mobile device

Note: The attendance taker tool is only available on mobile web or desktop web (steps below).

  1. After the event start time, navigate to the event page on mobile web.
  2. Scroll down to the list of attendees and tap ‘Manage (#)’.
  3. Tap the ‘...’ and select ‘Event check-in’ from the dropdown menu.
  4. As members arrive, find their name in the ‘RSVPs’ section, and check the box beside their name. 
  5. If a member arrives and they are not on the list, you can search for them by clicking the member search icon in the top right corner.​
    1. Search for their name and check them off to record their attendance.
  6. The number of attendees in the ‘Checked in’ section will grow as you check members in. The number displayed in the ‘Checked in’ section will determine the number of attendees recorded after the event is over.


  1. You can simply count up the number of total attendees and enter that total number of attendees:
    From the ‘Checked in’ section, enter that number in the ‘Total’ section and click ‘Done’.



From desktop

  1. Head to the event page on Desktop.
  2. Click on “Manage (#)”.
  3. Click on the ‘...’ in the upper right corner and select ‘Event check-in’.
  4. From there, you'll find a page where you can check members in one-by-one by clicking on the space next to their names. Alternatively, you can 'Mark all.'
  5. You may also click on the 'Checked in' tab to fill out the total number of members who attended. When entering a total, the number of people individually checked in will have overridden by the total number. When updating or deleting the total, the number of checked in members will revert back to the number of people who were checked in individually.
NOTE: The ‘Total number of RSVPs’ value will determine the number of attendees recorded, and will not change based on individuals you add/remove from the attendee list.



Can I create a ‘past’ event?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to add historical content. All events you schedule must be upcoming.

How can I co-host events with other GDG organizers?

There’s no easy way to ‘co-host’ an event with another Meetup Group. An event will be visible to, and promoted to, the members of the group in which it’s scheduled. If you’d like an event to be announced to members of multiple groups, you’ll need to schedule the event within each individual Meetup. The events may have the same details (title/date/time/location) but they will appear to be separate, and they will each have their own individual attendee counts.