Can I import historical events / data?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to add historical events. All events you schedule must be upcoming.

Who owns the Meetup?  Does Google have the ability to change organizers on my Meetup?

The primary organizer is the owner of the Meetup. Google doesn’t have ownership of the group, and doesn’t have the ability to change member roles in the Meetup. Google will pay for your subscription fees as long as you’re part of the GDG program. We’ll review your GDG chapter events and attendee numbers as needed solely for internal reporting purposes.

What if my ticket doesn’t work or is already claimed?

If you receive an error message when clicking on your ticket URL, please stop and check the URL again.  Ensure that you have copied the entire URL into a new browser window.  If you receive the error again, you may need to reach out to your regional lead to receive a new ticket.