Finding speakers

Finding speakers can pose a challenge for some groups. Here are some places worth looking:
  • Members of your own group

    • Note members who show enthusiasm in particular Google technologies during group events and ask them to discuss the topic with the group during the next meeting.

  • Google Experts

    • We are working on creating better ways to connect you to our growing Google Expert community. More to come.

  • Local groups

    • Contact local user groups (i.e. Python, Ruby, Java, etc.) and invite them to speak on using Google platforms.

  • Local tech companies

    • Contact companies whose products work with Google (e.g. mobile software company using Android), and ask them to speak about the integration.
      • Be sure that speakers from local companies are developers who can speak to the technology and not marketing personnel.
    • Web start-ups may be especially keen to have developers participate in events, thereby extending their network.
  • Universities

    • Check local schools for students who have done advanced research around Google technologies.

More tips on talks:

  • Talks can be as little as 5 minutes long and simply be a way to initiate the discussion among the group. Formal, prepared presentations are not necessary.
  • Don’t let distance prevent a promising speaker from participating in your event. Use Google Hangouts to bridge the geographic gap.
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