Meeting location

A location for your group events is one of the most important things you’ll need. Here are some tips:
  • Start casual

    • For first-time events, someone’s house or a cafe may be all you need to bring people together.
  • Tap into the community

    • Universities or local community centers may offer available spaces at little to no cost. If your group involves university students, the university-space option may be even more viable.
  • Get company sponsorship

    • Local tech companies, or employers of you or your members, may offer office space.
    • Look to where other local tech groups are being hosted for ideas.
    • When asking for venue space, ask sponsors if they are willing to provide food and beverages. Many companies are willing to do this.
    • In return for the sponsorship, you can provide your sponsor:
      • The opportunity to send a speaker to talk about a technical topic.
      • Company call-out on the GDG chapter homepage.
      • Company write-up sent to the the GDG mailing list.
      • Placement of company banners and distribution of flyers at GDG events.
      • Company mentions on social networks.
      • Interview with a company employee posted on blog or GDG chapter page.
      • Advertisement of company job openings to GDG chapter page.
    • Be sure to allow your sponsor a 5-10 minute introduction to present their organization to the attendees. This shows respect for the sponsor and incorporates them into the event.
    • If Google has an office in your area, it is possible for us provide a venue location if space is available.*

* Google cannot guarantee event involvement, but we are happy to help where we can. In general, GDGs should be self-sufficient and motivated purely by community interest in Google technology.

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