SSL compliance

Starting June 16, 2015, Campaign Manager will begin to roll out new SSL requirements. By July 7, all accounts will be affected. The new SSL requirements will enforce the use of SSL in creatives, ads, placement tags, and Floodlight activity tags.

What is SSL?

SSL is a way to keep information secure over the internet. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Many sites use SSL to keep their pages secure. The URL of a secure site starts with https—the s stands for "secure". Generally, URLs that start with https work the exact same way as URLs that start with http. The difference is that when a URL starts with https, the server adds an extra encryption layer.

Building SSL compliant creatives

To build SSL compliant creatives, make sure all URLs called within the creative asset begin with https, not http. Relative protocol URLs are also ok (i.e. URLs without a declared protocol, such as "//"), as are scripts which intelligently select serving protocol based on the asset's environment.

Common scenarios where a creative might call a third party resource:

  • The creative integrates an XML feed
  • A parent file loading a child asset, such as a video file
  • The asset includes a hard-coded tracking pixel

Any time the creative loads an external resource, including the scenarios above, the URL should begin with https or use relative protocol. It should not begin with http. Otherwise, your creative will not be SSL compliant.



  • Click-through URLs do not affect SSL compliance in creatives. It's fine to use http in your creative for all click-through URLs, or click redirects.
  • An image creative in Campaign Manager is always compliant, because it has no tracking URLs or other content from non-secure sources.
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