Enhanced attribution

Make sure your floodlight activities are implemented either using the global site tag or Google Tag Manager using the Conversion Linker. Learn more about the Conversion Linker in Google Tag Manager 

Enabling Enhanced attribution improves attribution signals across the Google Marketing Platform for display and video inventory. When a user clicks on an ad, a DCLID value will automatically be appended to the end of the landing page URL.



On the landing page, the Global Site Tag will read and track the DCLID (like it does with GCLID). When a conversion event occurs, Campaign Manager will be able to understand the click activities that led to it. 

Enable enhanced attribution for a Floodlight configuration

  1. Start by opening an advertiser, then navigate to the Floodlight configuration tab.
  2. Under Enhanced attribution check the Enable across Google Marketing Platform box.
  3. Click Save.

Selectively enable enhanced attribution with the %edclid! macro

  • To selectively enable enhanced attribution, you can add dclid=%edclid! to individual click tags.
  • The %edclid! (expand dclid) macro can be used to enable enhanced attribution even if it isn't enabled for a Floodlight configuration (as described above). Learn more about macros
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