GRP reports

Reports based on Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

GRP reports are a paid feature that provides information on the makeup of the audience for your ads. We provide GRP reports from Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings.


Nielsen provides demographic data that is similar to the metrics that are traditionally used to measure television viewership via set-top boxes placed in the homes of paid participants; these boxes would gather data about the viewing habits of these television owners who, together, were considered a panel. Data from this panel was then extrapolated to the larger population, and from this advertisers and marketers could ascertain viewership and demographics for particular TV shows—and would target and price television ads accordingly.

When Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is applied to the current digital ads ecosystem, a panel is considered a set of user IDs that can be mapped to demographic data. As in the above model, this data is then extrapolated to make assumptions about the larger population. Note that a given user may be represented by multiple IDs, or multiple users might share an ID if they share a browser or device.

Demographic data for reach and frequency is broken down by age and gender, allowing you to see how much of your audience falls into each demographic group. For example, you can view data for a given site or campaign by the number of female users from 18-24, males from 18-24, females 25-34, males 25-34, and so on.

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