In-stream video reports

Data for in-stream video and in-stream video redirect creatives is available in Standard reports. Click the New report button, then select Standard and In-Stream Video to create a report with in-stream metrics already included.

Metrics that rely on VPAID, such as Active View and Verification, will not be available for in-stream video redirects.


The following metrics are available for in-stream video reports. Metrics outside of this list are not available for this report type and will appear as zeroes, as they are not supported by IAB VAST-compliant publishers.

Metrics on impressions, clicks, and video quartiles are supported across all VAST-compliant publishers. However, the video mutes, video pauses, and video full-screen metrics may not be supported by all publishers.

Note that Campaign Manager tags automatically track companion impressions separately, so you don't need to build a separate display placement in order to track these impressions.

Reporting for in-stream video creatives using dynamic asset selection

You can report on the individual assets in your in-stream video creative by including the following dimensions in your reports:

Reports that don’t include these dimensions will show data based on the aggregate performance of all of the assets in your creative.

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