Manage advertisers

Create and manage advertisers

Each advertiser in Campaign Manager contains a different group of campaigns, as well as creative assets and other settings. It's up to you to decide how to group your campaigns. You might create an advertiser for all the campaigns you need to run for a particular client. Or you might create separate advertisers for different product lines or divisions.

Find advertisers

To view the advertisers in your account, click Advertisers on the navigation bar at the top of Campaign Manager. You can search for a particular advertiser or use filters to narrow down your list.

Manage advertisers

Here are some actions you can take on the Advertisers page:

  • Create a new advertiser: click New > Advertiser.

  • Copy an existing advertiser: click the advertiser and then click Copy in the advertiser properties. Copies have the same properties as the original, but they don't include include any campaigns or creatives. They also don't include the original's Floodlight configuration.

  • Delete an advertiser: select its checkbox and click Delete.

  • Put advertisers on hold (or approve them): Advertisers are set to Approved by default. To deactivate all the ads in an advertiser, select its checkbox and click Status > Set as on hold. When an advertiser is on hold, none of the ads in its campaigns can serve, though you can still edit campaigns and properties.
    Make sure you have no campaigns running in your advertiser before you set it on hold. Also, note that when you set an on-hold advertiser to approved, you have to manually reactivate all its ads.
To view campaigns in your advertiser, click Campaigns in your navigation bar and filter your campaigns by advertiser (set filters in the Advertiser column).
Edit advertiser settings

Select an advertiser to manage its settings and creatives. Use different tabs to manage different aspects of your advertiser.

  • Manage advertiser settings on the Properties tab.

  • Manage all creatives on the Creatives tab. Any creative used in your advertiser's campaigns can be found here.

  • Manage creative fields (labels for your creatives in reports) on the Creative fields tab.

  • Manage Floodlight on the tabs for your Floodlight configuration, activities, and activity groups.

  • Manage Audience lists on the Audience tab.

  • Manage targeting templates (reusable sets of targeting criteria) in the Targeting templates tab. 

Once you create an advertiser, set up Floodlight and create campaigns. You can also create and manage creatives at the advertiser level.

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