Re-center your view & cursor

You might need to re-center if:

  • Parts of the screen aren’t in front of you or you have to turn to see them.
  • The cursor isn’t pointing in the same direction as your Daydream controller.
  • You can’t find your cursor.
  • You can't see the menu or cursor.

Re-center in VR mode

You can re-center anytime in VR mode, including when you’re using an app, playing a game, watching a movie, or in Daydream Home.

  1. Look in the direction you want to face.
  2. Point your Daydream controller (not the cursor) forward in the same direction.


  3. Press and hold the Daydream button Home button for a few seconds.

Use Daydream while lying down

With some apps, you can recenter your view to use Daydream while lying down. To see if an app offers this function, check with the app's developer.

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