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Can't generate a report link from yesterday till now Hi, I've been trying to get a link to the reoprt I just did. But it seems that data studio is taking…
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consolidate with/without trailing slashes I am trying to report on a "Product Type" which is a field I created from GA Page path level 3. I'm …
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Ownership transfer for non g-suite users Dear All, we have several reports and datasources grown over the months. Now we'd like to consolidat…
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How can i update the number of views on social to match that of ads manager in my ads? Hello, Please note that i seem to be facing a bug in my report. When connecting my Data Source to ad…
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Filter Control at Report Level Good day, Is it possible for create a filter at report level - An interactive filter whereby the vie…
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Incorrect data being pulled for city dimension- clicks, impressions, costs etc Hi All, I have set up a 9 page report pulling in data from adwords. All info is correct EXCEPT the c…
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Google Ads data by Geography is not pulling in to data studio correctly. When I view a report table by CITY in Google Ads, the impressions, clicks and etc. match. When I vie…
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Store visits data Hi all, We've activate Google Signal and are now able to see store visits in ou GA. I can't find the…
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Filters & Logical Order of Operations I am attempting to set up a filter in the format A OR (B AND C) - meaning I want all records meeting…
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