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Updated: Yesterday
I am using analytics app+web property. How can I connect with this property and data studio report? Hi, I am using web+app property on Google analytics. To connect data studio and analytics, the prope…
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Has Google removed the 15min Data Freshness option? Until recently, we could select from 15 minute, 4 hour, and 12 hour increments for the "Data Freshne…
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Can't connect our Postgresql Database I cannot connect our DB to Datastudio Google. The ids I am using work with every other tools but Goo…
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 11 Upvotes
"Sorry, we couldn't create your data set. Please refresh the page or try again in a little while". While clicking on "File Upload" option in order to upload an Excel CSV file from the system as a Dat…
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Google analytics authorisation failing I am having trouble connecting Google analytics datasources to datastudio, at the authorization stag… Two data sources in one connector I am planing to write a simple connector that would internally use two data sources. One of them be …
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Error ID: b8562e34 - Can't reach the host. Please double check your connection parameters. Good Day, I have gone through the appropriate processes to obtain the necessary SSL documentation to…
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Unable to Add Google Worksheets as a Data Source I'm getting a "There are no worksheets available in this spreadsheet" for most of my google sheets t…
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The costs currency that I have from the original drive excel sheet are not pasted in the platform I have a data sheet in drive with costs in different currencies. When i link the data from the sheet…
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