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Updated: Yesterday
I have three businesses that use nest aware and I can't pull up any video feeds on any of them? I cannot pull video feeds for any of my nest aware locations, is there an outage?
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Duplicate metrics for a single page I'm connecting to a datasource - PROD: CGC only. I've added two filters. Cloud TPU Docs: Include, Pa…
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Count Distinct Not Working During a Selected Date/Time Range Filter I am using data studio trying to build a report that is tied to an order history data source. This d…
0 Recommended Answers 24 Replies 36 Upvotes
Creating a filter based on Google Analytics segments? I've created 18 segments in Google Analytics, each representing a different business unit for the co…
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Metric Calculation based on Filter control Hi - I have several social clients that look at different metrics for Revenue and conversions differ…
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How to count the number of days between one date and today: what kind of date is today? Please tell me how can I make a plan / fact table? I can visualize the data: (planned budget - actua…
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How do you remove Others on a Pie chart? Pie charts display the rest of the slides on an "others" category, but filters don't apply to exclud…
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Not able to connect to Google analytics Hi, I'm facing problems in connecting my analytics data to the data studio report. It gives us the f…
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Social Post Thumbnails I connect our organic social platforms through Funnel and it turns out they don't provide thumbnail …
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REGEXP_MATCH - how can I delete "(other)" ? I am trying to have these data from different channels (which i can have on google analytics) on dat…
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How to create a dynamic BigQuery projectId and dataset in datasource Our data is in BigQuery and I’m exploring to use Data Studio. I’m finding a way to create a dynamic …
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Pdf export functionality does not work! Hi Google, I can not download the pdf report in Google Datastudio, will this be resolved in the comi…
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Group Metrics for Pie Chart Hi, I'm using a data source that has 3 metrics I would like to group into one pie chart. Example: Me…
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Announcing custom email schedules, additional data freshness options for *SQL and Cloud* connectors Dear Data Studio fans; For our first launch of the New Year, we're announcing the release of two mor…
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Transfer Of Ownership - Reports & Data Connectors - Different Domain Hi, I have read some articles on the Google communities r.e completing a transfer of ownership of da…
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How to exclude a card from a data segment? I have a card with data that is modified when segment by date, but I do not want the value to change…
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