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Create a report from a template

Get answers and gain insights from your data quickly with pre-built reports.

Templates use your data to help you instantly see your data in a finished report. Use these reports "as is" or customize them to fit your unique requirements. You can also create your own templates for others to use.

The Template Gallery

Visit the Template Gallery to access templates built by Google. These templates support Google marketing products, such as Ads, Analytics, YouTube, Campaign Manager 360, as well as BigQuery and Sheets.

NOTE: The templates are only available in English, although your data will appear in the language in which it was collected.

How to use a template

Templates appear with a blue banner on top. To make a copy of the report, click USE TEMPLATE in the upper right. You can then add a new data source, or if you have access, you can continue to use the original data source.

Many templates contain a data control, which lets you select the account you want to see. You can use these templates directly, without the need to make a copy and add your own data source.

Submit your own template

Got a Data Studio report you'd like to share as a template for others to use? Submit it to the report gallery.

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